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For Gosei Vietnam, employees are our most valuable asset. We always try our best to improve the working conditions and increase income for all our employees. We also have policies to encourage and create favorable conditions for all employees to increase knowledge and improve their capacity. Please refer to the below points if you want to become a member of our family.

Working Environment


The company's office is located on 7th floor, ATS building at 252 Hoang Quoc Viet street, Hanoi City. This is a convenient area for transportation, including spacious parking areas, and is near many restaurants. The workspace is airy, and the seating area is spacious and bright.

Working time

Our official working time is from 8:30 - 17:30 (Monday to Friday). However, under special circumstances, employees may be allowed to change their working hours to suit their conditions.


Working at Gosei, you will feel like living in a family. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you at any time. There is absolutely no distinction between leaders and employees; between seasoned members and newcomers.


The company has table tennis and games rooms where people can relax after work. The company also has a separate area for people to have lunch and to drink coffee during working hours.

Policies for employees


Our company guarantees that the salaries paid to employees are competitive with the market. Salaries and lunch allowances will be paid on the 5th of every month. We do not force employees to work overtime. If employees want to work overtime, once approved by managers, the company will pay for the overtime in accordance with the labor law.


In addition to the monthly salary, the company will pay bonuses based on the quarterly profit on the 15th of the following quarter. Employees will also receive year-end bonuses based on the company's business results.

Other Welfare​

The company will pay social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance for employees in accordance with the State’s regulations. A periodic health check-up is carried out once a year at reputable hospitals. The company also provides funding for staff’s relatives to go on vacation with the whole company.


As a technology company, we understand the importance of improving the knowledge and skills of our employees. The company always encourages a spirit of continuous learning for all employees. Our employees can be trained by participating in actual projects (on-the-job training) or taking part in online courses that the company registers under official accounts. We also continue to invite experts in various fields to talk and share knowledge with employees in the company.

Recruitment Process

Please refer to this link for understanding our recruitment process. In case you want to have more info, please contact us via email, skype or call. We also would like to invite you to visit our office and to talk to our leaders before deciding to take the entry test or not.

Job Opportunities

.Net Software Engineer (Internship – Junior – Senior)